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Heavy Transport
& Project Freight

Global Logistics : Heavy Transport & Project Freight
Special project transportation has an important place in our service range. We transport high tonnage and/or large volume loads, which are considered out of gauge, to the desired point with ideal time and cost. Based on the fact that each out of gauge transportation has its own dynamics, we develop a special transportation plan for each project. Thus, the load reaches its destination smoothly and safely.

Project Transportation
We provide service with our experienced employees and business partners in carrying project loads. we offer special project transportation services to our customers along with all transportation modules. We organize your transportation in the shortest time and in the most appropriate way in line with your non-standard loads, special requests and needs. In project transportation, we offer our customers all transportation options that require factory transportation from any point in the world to another point, transportation of equipment and machinery, heavy tonnage, special loading and clearance transportation organization.

* Planning studies, determination of the route and itinerary.
* Establishing the optimum budget by research and cost analysis.
* Providing the necessary crew and equipment for operational compliance and checking its applicability.
* Obtaining permission from local governments for legal compliance and operations required by operations.
* Performing the operations in accordance with the planned planning.
* Providing regular information flow to the customer during the transportation of the project load.

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